Deployment: Week 3

It’s been just over 3 weeks now, so how are we doing?  I’ll tell you!

I hesitate to say it’s going well, because I don’t want anyone to think I don’t miss my hubby.  I do. A LOT.  At the same time, I’m getting to talk to him almost daily, and I just have to count my blessings.  When I think of those soldier’s families in years past – so many of them didn’t have the technology that we have now.  Even in “recent” years, it wasn’t like it is today.  Then if you think back to WWII, wives had to wait MONTHS just to “maybe” get a letter.  So, I can’t complain – I really can’t.

I have to say, these first few weeks of deployment are much easier than the last couple weeks leading up to it.  In that time leading up to him leaving, I was so focused on spending time with him, preparing myself for missing him, trying to make sure we got plenty of pictures, didn’t miss anything, and my emotions were going up and down like a roller coaster.  I was just ready for him to GO…so he could “Git R Done” and come home!

Now, we’ve settled into a routine again.  Lovebug and I are doing our school work, weekly field trip adventures, spending time with friends, going to the library, going swimming, and making sure we get in some downtime watching movies and reading to each other. 

I’m focusing on getting my daily time in the Word, my household chores, taking care of my health (eating right and exercising), and am even making progress on finding a new church (I think we’re getting closer!).  I’m also staying busy doing some volunteer work with the FRG, and with Wives of Faith.

And of course, there are the care packages! Lovebug and I have fun coming up with ideas for Hubby’s care packages and sending those to him.  We also write letters and send cards pretty often so we can feel connected to him.

So far, so good!  Of course it will be better when Hubby is here in my arms though!!

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  1. I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your blog. I will be heading down the same path as you soon, as a new 30-something army wife in October. I’ve gone through every range of emotion, it seems, and reading about your journey has been a great help. Thank you!

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