RV living–1 week down!

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We’ve now been living the RV lifestyle for one full week, and things are going great! We are staying at a local RV campground located right on a bay and I am loving waking up to a view of the water. We had no trouble getting set up & hooked up on our campsite, and there is plenty of room to park both of our vehicles. We have a concrete area right outside our door and a picnic table that I look forward to using as the temperatures warm up.

One of the things I was a little concerned about was how we would sleep with Hubby getting up for work each day. He gets up at 4:45 each morning and that is just way too early for Emily and I to be up. It turns out, I had no reason for concern. Even though the bathroom and front door are right near Emily’s bunk, she hasn’t woken up once with him getting up, getting dressed, shaving, getting his coffee & lunch, and getting out the door. I only wake up to his alarm, but then I go right back to sleep just like I did before. Even once I get up, Emily is still sound asleep in her “cave” (her bunk area). She absolutely loves it in there. She’s always loved spaces where she can get in and hideaway, so she loves getting in her space and closing the curtain to have some privacy.

The first 2 days, the coffee maker woke me up with all its sputtering and noise making, but after that I have slept right through it. Guess military life has taught us to adapt pretty easily after all! In fact, I am sleeping much better now than I was in the house. I’m sure the main reason is the mattress that we upgraded to in the RV – it is memory foam and super comfy! We ordered it on Amazon and got it delivered in 2 days with free shipping (love Amazon Prime!) I also think the peaceful camping atmosphere helps a lot. I absolutely love getting out in nature and life just feels calmer and less stressful here.

We’ve done a little more organizing and rearranging a little since we moved in.  I’ve got a great cabinet that I’m using for our homeschool curriculum, and we have plenty of room for our food.  Emily has a great shelf by her bed for her stuffed animals, books, art supplies & clock.  I’m sure there will be more organizing to come as we figure out what works best in this space, but so far we’re happy with our choices.

So far, I’d say our pre-move purge was a huge success! Our only real “oops” so far was getting rid of all our clothes hangers! We got rid of a huge box of them when we moved out of the house because we have all our clothes stored in cabinets and boxes here in the camper so we didn’t need them – or so we thought. Then laundry day came and we remembered we hang most of our clothes to dry and we hadn’t kept hangers to do that! Oops!! So we had to buy a set of hangers. Thankfully that was an inexpensive purchase. We ended up choosing some extra thin hangers that take up less space so it ended up being a win!

I’ll post more pictures soon and share some of the other modifications we’ve made to make this place a home, but for now I’ll leave you with a picture of our daughter’s favorite daily activity – feeding the local ducks! 


The camp store here sells bags of duck food for 50 cents and she loves getting to go spend her money on food for her new friends!  They love her already and come running when they see her. These ducks are going to get spoiled quickly.

Loving the abundant life!

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