About our RV



We love our 2015 Jayco x213 camper!  It’s about 30’ long when the rear slide is out, which it always is unless we are traveling because that’s the master bed.  If I measure front to back and side to side, it’s about 187 square feet of living space.  Crazy, huh?  Maybe a little, but we absolutely love it!

Let me give you the tour:

Up front (to the right after you walk in the door) is our daughter’s bunk area.  She sleeps on the bottom bunk, and we use the top bunk for storage.  The bottom bunk has a long shelf that runs the length of the bed for all her books and treasures.  She also has lots of storage room under her bed for clothes, toys, shoes, etc.  At the end of her bunk is a little door for emergencies, but she also uses it to access things under her bed from outside sometimes.  The bottom bunk folds up too in case you need to put bikes inside for traveling, or just wanted to use that floor space. 



Right inside the front door is the bathroom door.  We take full advantage of anywhere we can for extra storage so we hung a shoe holder on the door.  We keep extra cups, spices, and random things in there.  In this photo below you can also see bunks.  We use the top bunk for storage.  That’s where I keep my sewing/embroidery machine, sewing supplies, and craft supplies.  We also have a drawer up there for extra supplies like napkins, baggies & trash bags.  I hung up a curtain so we can cover that area for a better view, and replaced the bottom curtain for our daughter because she wanted a black-out curtain.  Now they match!


To the right as you walk in (to the right of the bunks), we have a closet and a couple drawers.  We have our hanging clothes in the closet (folded clothes go elsewhere), and in the drawers we keep office supplies, a few tools, cables & power cords. 



Under the drawers, is a little cabinet door that leads to a storage area.  That storage area is also accessible from outside.  We turned this area into the kitty corner.  We removed the center panel of the cabinet door for her to use as her “cat door”, put her scratching pad just inside the door, and put her litter box in the back right by the outside access door.  Now she has her private bathroom, and we can access it from the outside for cleaning.  You can see the outside access in the photo above.  It’s the little rectangle on the bottom right corner of the camper.  It’s purr-fect because it allows for easy cleanup while keeping it far enough away that there are no odors.



Our bathroom is pretty typical.  It has a toilet, sink, and shower.  The shower has a small tub that could be used for a toddler, but it’s not one any of us will ever use.  We replaced the shower rod with an extendable one, and it is a big improvement.  It allows for more elbow room while in the shower, and lets us fold the curtain back into the shower when not in use to create more space in the bathroom.





Our kitchen area has a double-section sink, a 3 burner gas stove top, an oven, a microwave, and a fridge/freezer.  We don’t use all the burners on the stove top, so we have a toaster oven sitting on the back half, and only use the front burner.  We tend to cook outside on the grill or use our Instant Pot inside for most of our cooking, so this works for us.  The toaster oven works for baking in smaller amounts or to keep things cooler inside when it’s warm out.  The oven heats up the inside of the RV pretty quickly, so I definitely prefer the toaster oven in the summer.  The fridge, oven, and stove all run on propane.  I really, really like that.  We’ve had a few times where power has gone out due to storms and we were able to just keep on living normally without worrying about food going bad.  Our heater runs on propane, but the A/C does need electricity, so if it’s warm during the power outage we just open the windows for some air flow.  Just like you would in a house, except we got to keep using our fridge.




We have a pantry cabinet next to the stove, but I use the bottom half of it for our homeschool books & binders.  The middle shelf is a drawer of Emily’s treats, and a couple of my cookbooks.  The top shelf is our baking supplies, and a container of cat food.  Odd mix, I know, but it’s right above the spot on the floor where the cat’s food bowl goes, so it works.


Next to the kitchen, we have the dinette (benches & table) on one side, and the sofa on the other.  We have storage under the sofa, and under each bench of the dinette.  My talented Hubby installed drawers under the dinette benches to make everything super easy to access.  This post explains how he transformed it all


Right behind the sofa and dinette area is the master bed inside the rear slide.  All 3 of us can sit on the sofa comfortably and watch TV on the opposite wall.  If we want to stretch out a bit more, one of us will hop up on the master bed and watch from there.  We replaced the TV mount with one that comes out from the wall and allows us to tilt and turn the TV to get the angle we want.   We have a couple great big windows in the living/dining area that allow for some great sunlight and good views.  I really like our windows!


In the master area, we have a queen bed.  The space was made for a king mattress, but we chose to put in a queen so we could have room on the side for more storage boxes and our printer.  It works out great!  Above our bed, we have a row of storage cabinets, and we each have a window on our own side of the bed.  The only thing we don’t like is the lack of reading lights up in that space.  We keep talking about installing some lights, but we just haven’t yet.  We also have curtains we can close for privacy.  Ignore the color & print of them – they really don’t match our comforter.  Those were some temporary ones I put up, but I need to do some redecorating.  I have plans to make some new ones, but just haven’t gotten around to it.

When the slide is pulled in, the bed slides over our sofa and dinette area (both of which lay flat for travel).  With the slide in, we can still access our bathroom and kitchen area, which is really handy when we travel.  We could also sleep in our bed without putting out the slide if we should ever need to. 


I hope you enjoyed the tour of our little home – all 187 square feet of it.  We absolutely love it!